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List last updated 22/7/2018

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Australian Capital Territory

Name (Individual): Pieter en Michelle Bosua

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: ACT, 2913, Australia

Other Information: Apart from the basic statement of believe, we sincerely believe in the restoration of the two houses of Israel.


New South Wales


Fellowship Name: Netzarim Antoecie (Nazarenes of Australia)

Contact (Elder): Jason Jordan

Email (Elder): Click here to send email or alternate email

Phone: (Jason) 0418434452

Address: Camden Civic Centre (The Undercroft Room)

Meeting Times: Shabbat service - 13:30hr

Meeting Place: Camden civic centre - Oxley St, Camden NSW


Other Information: We are Netsarim (Nazarene) Israelite Kehilla Kedosha (Set-Apart Community) who meet at Camden Civic Centre every Shabbat(Saturday) from 1330HRS (1:30pm. We keep the three pillars of the faith -- Love the Name, Keep the Covenant and Hold fast to the Sabbaths. (Isaiah 56:6)

Join us for weekly Torah Study Broadcasts via at 8pm.

We also do a monthly Mikvah (water immersion) out at Camden River for those who want to be immersed in a completely Scriptural manner.

All newly committed (tithing) members are supplied with one kosher mezuzah for their homes and one kosher prayer shawl (with tekhelet) free of charge if they do not already have these and cannot afford them.


Fellowship Name: Friends of the Sabbath

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: C White

Phone: 0402 758 747

Address: GPO Box 864, Sydney 2001

Our Website:


Fellowship Name: The International Messianic Community of Faith (IMCF)

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Dr Les Aron Gosling, Rebbe

Address: PO Box 6523, South Tweed Heads NSW 2486 Australia

Meeting Times: 2.00 pm Shabbat


In addition to our IMCF website we recommend viewing Dr Les Aron Gosling's welcome address on youtube - Contact can also be made via our FB page LES-ARON GOSLING

Other Information:
 BRI has been restoring lost Jewish thoughtform to the biblical revelation since 1981.

The Teaching is available on the BRI/IMCF web site for any and all interested parties, but a much more thorough grasp of Jewish thoughtform and the applicability of Torah in our modern age, Yeshiva lectures, etc is available only to members of BRI/IMCF (through the weekly local BRI Yeshiva in the Northern Rivers region of NSW and on our "BRI Private Members Discussion Board" of the "BRI International Internet Yeshiva" on which are posted regular Yeshiva lectures).

Literature on a variety of subjects is also available upon request.

The BRI Yeshiva is run by Les Aron Gosling and the Rebbetzin, Glenys Gosling.



Name (Individual): Matthew

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0431496968

Address: Kirribilli, NSW 2061 Australia

Other Information: We believe that that Torah obedience is for today, as it is written. We celebrate the Festivals or Appointed Times of YHWH, Elohim of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and observe the weekly Shabbat and a kosher diet. Consistent with the Tanakh, we believe in the prophesied Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach.


Fellowship Name: Q`HILLAT MOSHE

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Contact Lindsay for more details

Phone: 0450124977

Address:  Beacon Hill NSW 2100 Australia

Meeting Times: Shabbat 11.30am until about 2.00pm. Bring your own pack lunch / lunch-box, and stay a little longer for some group interaction. A warm welcome to all, especially to all those who love YHWH's Torah!

Meeting Place: Phone for details

Other Information: YHWH is the exclusive name of the Most High creator and saviour, the one whom all are to worship - Shemoth (Ex.) 3:15; Yeshayahu (Isa.) 43:11,14,15; 45:5,15,17,21.

ALL of Torah applies until heaven and earth pass away. (Mattityahu (Mt.) 5:17-19) That means: 'nothing added, nothing taken away'.

Y`hoshu‘a ben Yosef is the promised mashiach. He is both ‘Mashiach ben Yosef’ and ‘Mashiach ben Dawid’. He alone is Rabbeinu - our Great Teacher of Righteousness.

We are Y`hudim Qara’im N`tzarim – N`tzarim Scripturalist Jews.


Name (Individual): Chris & Abigail d'Hotman

Email Address: Click here to send email 

Phone:  61 (0)448897692

Address: Muswellbrook/Newcastle area; Australia; NSW; 2333

Other Information: We are a Torah observant family who places their trust in Y'shua Messiah.
As a family and servant of Messiah we delight in His scripturally appointed times and Word.

Please feel free to contact us if ever in the Muswellbrook or Newcastle area.


Fellowship Name: Returning Israelites

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Darren Peter Heron

Phone: 0428841627

Address: Southern Highlands

Meeting Times: Sabbath day

Other Information: Shalom, we are a Shabbat keeping, torah observant family from the southern highlands.

We keep YAHUWEHS moedim/appointed times and we strive to have a relationship with our heavenly father YAHUWEH and be led by the RUACH HAKDESH.

We believe in YAHUWEHS son YAHUSHUA HA MOSHIACH,who hung on the tree for our sins.

We seek fellowship with like minded believers or anyone coming out of babylon or the roman empire the mother of harlots.


Fellowship Name: Messiah Mysteries

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Angeline Prince (Rachelle Cohen)

Phone: 0409922118

Address: PO Box 8190, Griffith NSW  2680


Other Information: After living on the Gold Coast and enjoying the benefits of some wonderful Messianic Congregations I moved to Griffith and noticed that there were not any Messianic Congregations around.  My mother Rachelle Cohen is an international author published in the Christian World and specialises in Messianic Bible Study.  A Jew who came to know the Messiah many years ago.  As her daughter now living in country NSW I continue to bring people who seek more of the truth together, uniting in one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

Through the Hebraic Covenants, salvation went out from Jerusalem into all nations of the world, through the Messiah.  These teachings will give you a new insight into the perspective of the biblical Scriptures, which have been written through the ancient Hebrew people.

This account will provide an ability to see the biblical and historical account of the history and foundations of Christianity seen through the eyes of a Jew.  Since Israel has been restored as a nation, the Church is beginning to discover the revelation of the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.  As the tabernacles of David which had fallen down, is now being raised up in these end days.


Fellowship Name: The Olive Tree Connection

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Jan Stein

Phone: 02 6842 4665

Address: PO Box 12 COONABARABRAN 2357

Meeting Times: Saturday 10A.M.  Sunday 9-30 A.M.

Other Information:  The Olive Tree Connection is a fellowship run by Messianic believers Richard and Jan Stein. Our website is being renewed and will be on line in due course


Fellowship Name: New Covenant Community

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Greg Whitehead

Phone: (0411) 85 2367

Address: PO Box 3278 Parramatta 2124 NSW Australia

Meeting Times: 11am Sabbath

Meeting Place: Wattle Grove


Other Information: New Covenant Community currently began meeting in Dec 2011. We combine Messianic practices ie Teaching Torah with a strong Biblical calendar emphasis on Festivals etc with Evangelical/Pentecostal expressions. Greg has been teaching the Bible since 1986 in churches, Bible Colleges and Home groups and is currently on the Board of A.C.N.A. (Aust Christian Nation Assoc; Fred Nile) and is Sydney rep for Bridges For Peace (Jerusalem based International Organization 'Bridging the gap between Christians and Jews)

Eph_4:13  Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Messiah:


Name (Individual): Peter & Dianne

Phone: 0400 408 479

Address: Warners Bay, Newcastle, NSW, 2282 Australia

Other Information: We are a Torah observant couple, who attempt to live as the first century believers of Messiah Yahushua did. Our focus is doing YHWH's will as best we can - we are diligent students who study Scripture in the original languages.

Please feel free to contact us if ever in the Newcastle area.


Fellowship Name: Lake Illawarra NSW

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Patricia Hooper

Phone: 0242032604

Address: lake Illawarra NSW 2528

Meeting Times: anytime

Meeting Place: given by contact by email or phone

Other Information: Hi my name is Patricia from Wollongong NSW. I'm looking for true believers in the Wollongong area and surrounding districts of NSW.
l believe that Fathers name is Yahuah. His Sons name is Yahsuah. What is becoming very important to me are the Festivals and Sabbaths.
If you have the Love of Yahsuah in your heart, that means loving your brothers and sisters please contact me. .But please not to argue what you believe. Rather, to find out what Father has been teaching us all.
l was one of Jehovah's Witnesses for around 30 years until l was lead to the real truth and looking back at the 1st century followers. They all did the festivals and Sabbaths so why shouldn't l. Contact me at my email address above.


Name (Individual): Christine

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0447 603 446

Address: Inverell NSW 2360

Other information: I am Torah observant, keep Shabbat, the Appointed Times/feasts of Yahuwah and avoid unclean foods. I see myself as a returning Israelite

and believe in the restoration of the Two Houses, honouring the sacred Names of Yahuwah and Yahushua, and putting aside the traditions of man. I am retired and my interests are the Word, natural health, research and writing, and gardening.

Updated: 8/11/17


Name (Individual): Jo Forrest

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0414863499

Address: via Ballina NSW 2478

Other Information: Looking to fellowship and study the scriptures from a Hebraic perspective.


Name (Individual): Peter Carson

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0409462174

Address: GPO Box 1574, Sydney NSW 2001

Other Information: The Christian Biblical Church of God meets at the Maryland Neighbourhood Centre, 207 Maryland Drive, Maryland on the first and third Sabbath of every month.
We keep the Sabbath and the Holy Days of God and believe that the Creator God of the universe, made mankind in His own image in order to carry out a profound plan. The Bible consisting of Old Testament and New Testament are the inspired word of God. He sets before us life and death, blessing and cursing, and commands us to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments and His statutes and His judgements so that we may live and be blessed. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is Christ Jesus our Lord.

Our beliefs are described entirely in the entirety of the Bible without the traditions or embellishments of men. A summary may be found here:


Fellowship Name: House of Israel Australia

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Catherine

Phone: 0467647761

Address: Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Meeting Times: Phone or e-mail for times

Meeting Place: Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Other Information: We Preach and Teach the Gospel of the Kingdom (The Gospel Yeshua Taught) to the nations of the world. We are also trying to call all people back to YeHoVaH’s Commandments and in so doing remove the Generational curses of poverty, lack, confusion sickness and disease from all people and activate in them the covenant promises of freedom, prosperity, wholeness and abundance as prescribed by Deuteronomy 28 where the 28 blessings of honouring the Commandments of YeHoVaH are written.

According to the Bible there are two ways to become a slave:
Disobedience to YeHoVaH's Laws - Deuteronomy 28:15-68
Going into debt (Borrowing) - Proverbs 22:7

We also endeavour to encourage and inspire all people to reach their full God given potential. This will be done by: Correct biblical teaching, Discipleship/Mentorship/coaching and Demonstrations of the Power of The Holy Spirit.

So come join our fellowship for learning and fellowship.


Name (Individual): Dale and Lisa Hersee

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0447606382

Address: Wagga Wagga 2650 NSW Australia

Other Information: We have been torah believers for a couple of years now. Looking for fellowship or nearby worship meetings with other like minded believers.


Name (Individual): Isaac & Lynn Curilen

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0429147801 (Isaac) or 0400600247 (Lynn)

Address: Newcastle Region, Ashtonfield, NSW 2323

Other Information: We believe Torah and all scripture was given to us as an everyday guide for our lives. We believe that all who profess to believe in Y’shua haMashiach should observe the weekly Shabbat, rehearse the Appointed Times of YHVH given to us in Leviticus 23 and only eat the foods allowed in Leviticus 11 as given to us by YHVH. We congregate with like-minded believers to study and discuss Torah every Shabbat from 2:30pm.

Updated: 18/3/2018


Name (Individual): Glenn and Kellie Bellette

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0424791888 and 0414426214

Address: Blue Haven Central Coast NSW

Other Information: We are newly Torah observant, we have observed our first Passover and Shavout this year. We love and trust in Yeshua. We are growing and learning daily, walking out the truth of Ya.

Listed: 22/6/2017


Fellowship Name: ha'derech l'Moshihenu / הדרך למושיענו

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: David Morris

Phone: 0408426944

Meeting Times: Every Shabbat @ 12:00hr

Meeting Place: Off Kent Rd, North Ryde


Other Information: North West Sydney based Messianic Kehillah
Regular Jewish Beit Knesset format, inclusive of Yeshua ha'Netzaret
Shacarit - Hebrew / English mix
Kiddush - Hebrew / English mix
Oneg Shabbat with " divrei Torah al'Parsha / דברי תורה על הפרשה "
Moedim / Yom tov upheld ahavat ami / על אהבת עמי / For the love of My people

Listed: 22/8/2017


Name (Individual): Michaiyah

Email Address: Click here to send email

Other Information: I am seeking others in the Wollongong area that are wanting to keep the Sabbath and the Feast. I believe the messiah came in His Fathers name, Yahshua, meaning Yah is salvation. Also the importance of spreading the truth in these last days. Torah is life and If you are interested please email me to arrange to meet up.


Name (Individual): David Arnold

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0403053212

Address: Tenterfield, NSW

Other Information: I have been a "Christian" for almost 20 years. Over the past year Yahuah (YHWH) Elohim has been revealing the importance of His Torah and of His True Name. I have always sensed in my spirit that "Christianity" was somehow missing something, "it," being the Power of Elohim. Now I know why! I am now eagerly learning about the Character and Nature of YHWH through His Torah. "In the beginning was the Torah (Yahusha) and the Torah was with Elohim and the Torah was Elohim." AMEN.

Updated: 26/10/17


Name (Individual): Darren

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0481 584 733

Address: Collaroy, NSW, 2097

Other Information: We meet on the Sabbath for fellowship and study.

Listed: 5/2/18


Name (Individual): Steven

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0423 508 610

Address: Armidale, NSW 2350 Australia

Other Information: Just moved to Armidale in 2018. Looking to connect with fellow Messianic Torah believers and observers in the region.

Listed 11/4/18


Name (Individual): Barry & Sonia McDonald

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 02 65502165

Address: 66 Startins Rd Nabiac N.S.W Australia

Other Information: We are looking for fellowship opportunities around the Forster/ Tuncurry/ Taree areas. We keep the Sabbath, the Lord's commanded Feast Days, and His dietary laws and would love to hear from anyone in the area who is like minded. :)

Listed 2/5/18


Name (Individual): Alicia Abela

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Double Bay, NSW 2028, Australia

Other Information: I follow the lunisolar calendar and am looking to meet other individuals interested in bible studies and celebrating feast days. I am new to this, being a former catholic and so have not found a congregation as of yet that represents my same beliefs.
I am a Christian and also very eager to know my Judaism roots.
If anyone can help point me in the right direction I would be ever so grateful.

Listed 1/7/18



Name (Individual): Yvonne

Email address: Click here to send email.

Address: Darwin, NT 0810 Australia

Other Information: Our group has been meeting together since 2010. We meet on Shabbat & the Holy Days of YHVH. We worship, pray, fellowship & have group study together using Seed of Abraham Ministries website- Torah class.

Updated: 17/12/17




Fellowship Name: Tishrei

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Gloria Power

Phone: 07 54961319

Address: "Tishrei" 667 Kilcoy-Beerwah Rd   Stanmore Via Woodford

Meeting Times: 1.30pm Sabbath.       New Moons/ Festivals

Meeting Place: As above

Other Information: Shalom, We are a small group that endeavours to extend the hand of fellowship to all who are making teshuva. We are on the road from Rome to Jerusalem and our destination is to become more like our Rabbi Y' Shua.  Whilst we use the true names Yahweh and Y'Shua we believe that grace needs to be extended to those who haven't yet embraced these matters.
We meet each Shabbat for fellowship Torah discussion prayer praise etc.
We feel very honoured to have hosted visiting speakers from the States on a couple of occasions and are very willing to arrange seminars to those who Yahweh sends to enlighten us further.
We do Passover demonstrations and whenever possible teach the church folk about the biblical truths as opposed to certain man made traditions.
We don't claim to get it all right but know Abba looks on the resolution of our hearts and our ultimate desire is to please Him and hopefully extend His kingdom.   


Fellowship Name: Bnei El Chai

Email Address: Click here to send email.

Contact Person: Yvonne Zlyden

Meeting Times: Shabbat 9.30 am - 1 pm

Address: Cairns, North Queensland

Meeting Place: Please email for information

Updated: 15/7/18


Fellowship Name: Seed of Abraham Apostolic Assemblies

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Samual Thompson, Teaching Overseer & Apostle to the Nations

Phone: (07) 3807 6618

Address: Call for information

Meeting Times: Call or email for information

Meeting Place: Email or Call for more Information.

Our Website:


Fellowship Name: Messianic Ministries

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Mark Absolon

Phone: 0411427400

Address: PO. Box 8249 Mt. Pleasant. Mackay. 4740.

Other Information: ATTENTION: All committed to keep the...'Feasts of the Lord'...(Pesach, Shauvot & Sukkot) (Lev: 23) & desiring to share them with other Messianic Believers please contact us!

'Messianic Torah Observant' focused committed to...'Raising the Standard' all facets & knowledge of Fact Faith: Spiritual, Scriptural, Historical & Physical...providing a 'Life & Law' balanced Fellowship of the 'Hebrew-Israel-Judeo-Messianic' Faith..., contemporary, inclusive, yet without compromise, at all times reverent & relevant, & a standard striving to honour 'YHVH'... God (Elohim) of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (Israel)...the Father & the Son.

Deplore any & all racism, anti-semitism & white supremacy organisations.

Fully subscribe to the 'New Covenant' Revelation of the latter days restoration of the House Of Israel & the House of Judah (ie: all 12 Tribes)(Jer. 31:31-33; Heb.8:8-10)

Committed to 7 basic facets: 1) Outreach to save the Lost; 2) Education of the Saints; 3) Speaking out boldly against the abominations of our day that God hates (eg: abortion, homosexuality, adultery, divorce etc); 4)Provision for the Poor; 5) Prayer & Support for Israel; 6) Establishing two annual Covenant Messianic Israelite Festival retreats (Pesach/Passover & Sukkot /Tabernacles) for all to attend; 7)Establishing Covenant Communities -ie: Faith-Based Rural living developments.


Name (Individual): Bela Lantos

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Other Information: I reject all doctrines invented by the early Greek church fathers and their later followers. Once the Bar Kochba revolt was crushed at the beginning of the second century, and in the ensuing antisemitism the Jewish believers were excommunicated from the Gentile congregations, the Gentile church leaders, who now tried to make sense of the Hebrew scriptures, replaced the lost Hebraic ideas with a mix of Platonism, Zoroastrianism as well as with various Pagan and Greek philosophical ideas.
Hence, I reject doctrines like the trinity, original sin, virginal conception, souls going to either heaven or hell upon death, the necessity of a human sacrifice for sins, salvation by believing the right stuff (head knowledge), etc.


Fellowship Name: Beit Gan-Eden Messianic Community

Email Address: Click here to send email 

Contact Person:
Messianic Minister Malachi Yeomans

Phone: +61 (0) 418 745 120

PO Box 3289 Australia Fair QLD Australia 4215

Meeting Times: 
Shabbat 10am AEST  
Click here to watch live and archived services  

Meeting Place:  832 Nerang Southport Rd, Nerang 4211 , QLD Australia

Our Website: 

Other Information: Visitors are welcome.  Our services are held in the air-conditioned meeting rooms of the Prana Centre (follow the corridor behind the KooCo cafe).  Free under-cover parking is available at the Prana Centre.  We are a Torah observant Messianic Community of believers in Yeshua HaMashiach.  Our first statement of faith is that "All Scripture (Tanakh - Torah, Prophets, Writings), which is completed in the Ketuvim HaShalichim (The Apostolic Writings,  commonly known as the New Testament), is given by the Breath/Spirit of Elohim ~God, and is to be used for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and for instruction in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:15-17, 1 Thes. 2:13, 2 Peter 1:21)".  W
e disregard many of the man-made religious traditions of both Judaism and Christianity. We fulfil the requirements of Yeshua the Messiah in water immersion and the immersion of the Ruach Hakodesh.


Fellowship Name: House of Living Torah

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: PO Box 1247 Beenleigh Qld 4207

Meeting Times: Shabbat 1030am

Meeting Place: 200 Hein Road Buccan Qld 4207

Our Website:


Fellowship Name: Yahshua Covenant Church

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Pastors Kevin & Susie Siaosi

Phone: 0488316438

Address: Forest Lakes, Brisbane

Meeting Times: 7pm Friday night

Meeting Place: 8 Ern Harley Drive,Burleigh Heads,Gold Coast

Other Information: We do not celebrate easter, lent or christmas in any shape or form. We believe Yahweh sent his son Yahshua to redeem us through his death and resurrection. That Yahshua has ascended back to his Father and the Ruach Ha Kodesh has been sent to us. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for Israel.


Fellowship Name: Messianic Jews Natsarenes

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Vinesh O

Address: Spring Hill, Queensland 4004, Australia


Other Information: We are a family of Messianic Jewish believers that are obedient to the Torah and are believers of Yehoshua HaMashiach. If anyone is interested to meet and fellowship please do contact us and we can give you the necessary details.


Name (Individual): Glen Dibben

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0412765834

Address: PO Box 1260 Caboolture Qld Australia

Other Information: The Bible tells of the Hebrew peoples being cast into all the Nations of the World. In the last few years, my family linage was revealed to me about my Great Grand Father Jacob. As a Hebrew Australian, Elohim showed me that the Abrahamic Covenant was still relevant for me in today's time line. As a disciple of His Blessed Son Yeshua Ha Moshiach , Yahweh commanded me to follow all His principal, Commands, and practices of the Hebrew Peoples, even today. By Ruach Ha Kadoshs indwelling, I have the strength now to come out of the Christian Community and openly express my Jewishness to the world. Shalom Elayshem. To the Glory of God. Bro Emek Ta'osm Dhibon


Fellowship Name: Messianic Education Australia

Contact Person: Natan & Hannah

Phone: (07) 3496 2896

Address: Petrie, Qld

Meeting Times: WORSHIP and PRAYERS followed by morning tea Sat. 10.00 am–11.00 am   TORAH READING AND STUDY followed by lunch Sat. 11.20 am – 1.20 pm

Meeting Place: Petrie, Qld


Other Information: We study the Old Testament Scriptures in the same traditional way as did Ezra, Yeshua-Jesus, His Disciples as well as the Apostle Paul, and we study the New Testament in conjunction with the Old. This study is uniquely neutral to all religious doctrine and does not engage in religious argument, but rather, considers all doctrine within the context of God’s Word, teaching the scriptures within a cultural, historical and linguistic Hebrew context. Participants learn to interpret the Scriptures from a Hebrew perspective rather than the traditional Greek/Western way of thinking. Children also participate in separate and supervised age-specific Bible activities.


Fellowship Name: Messanic Pentecostal

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: TommyPau

Phone: 0448518288

Address: Cairns, Qld. 4870, Australia

Other Information: I am an Apolostic Pentecostal that recognised Yeshua as the Messiah.


Name (Individual): Anthony Berks

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0410772085

Address: 127-141 Wagonwheel Road Boyland Queensland 4275 Australia


Name (Individual): Rob

Phone: 0414780954

Address: From the mountains in SE QLD Australia

Other Information: First and foremost I love the Creator and to the best of my ability and knowledge follow all the biblical and apocryphal laws of love that I have come to know and understand. I have followed an Enoch inspired solar/lunar Sabbath since 2011.

Listed: 28/5/17


Fellowship Name: Seventh Day Pentecostal Church Brisbane

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0431173720

Address: Queensland, Wishart, 4122 Australia


Other Information: Seventh Day Pentecostal Church Brisbane We are a group of disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in the Holy Spirit ministry and we keep the commandments of God.
In our meetings we want to glorify our Heavenly Father thanking Him in the wonderful name of His Son Jesus Christ. We want to grow in faith and to fulfill His will through the leading of the Holy Spirit.



Name (Individual): Antonio Pavletich

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0413530680

Address: Toowong, Queensland 4066

Other Information: Practising believer in Yeshua who wants to join with other believers seeking the truth to form a fellowship within the inner Brisbane area (within 10Km radius of the CBD). Observe Sabbath, read Torah, the Prophetic books, the Chronological Gospels (CKJV by Michael Rood) & the Epistles.



Fellowship Name: Hebraic Roots Downunder

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Annette or Len

Phone: 0403 382 682

Address: PO Box 422 Boonah Qld 4310

Meeting Times: 11 am to 3pm

Meeting Place: Ipswich

Other Information: We are a small group meeting on Saturdays and we believe that Yahuwah/ Yahweh (Yah) is the creator of the universe, He is the great I am, El Shaddai.
WE believe that we are His people - part of the Tribes of Israel and The lost sheep of Israel under the Abrahamic Covenant and that we have been scattered across the earth and have His Torah written on our hearts. We believe in the eternal 7th day Shabbat, the eternal festivals, the Priestly calendar and that Yahushua Messiah ( the right arm of Yah) came to renew Yah's Covenant with us.
We attempt to follow Torah as per the teachings and words of Yahushua spoke when He was on earth, we believe that if we seek Yah's ways we will find truth and understanding especially through studying the Scriptures especially Torah - Old Testament, New Testament, the Prophets, the dead sea scrolls including Enoch, Jubilees, Yasher etc. We look to the Hebraic meaning in our studies as much as possible.

Listed: 5/2/18


Fellowship Name: Derech HaMashiach Inc - House of Messianic Learning

Contact Person: Ralf Matuzelski

Phone: 0412988249

Address: 74 Treeline Circuit, Upper Coomera, 4209, Australia

Meeting Times: 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm, every Shabbat

Meeting Place: Training Centre, Meeting Room T1, Mosaic Baptist Church, 120 Mudgeeraba Rd, Mudgeeraba


Other Information: We are a Beit Midrash (House of Messianic Learning), currently (2018) studying the Book of Acts through the framework of Judaism. All are welcome to join the study.

Listed: 18/2/18


Ministry Name: B & R Music Ministry

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Bruce Sleaford

Phone: 0488 220 540

Address: Loganlea, Queensland, Australia 4131


Other Information: B & R Music offers free worship music. Modern day hymns, choruses and songs for the 21st Century are available. The Seventh Day Pentecostal Church Brisbane is Bruce & Rhondda’s home church. After coming into a deeper walk of the Spirit Bruce and Rhondda first began to receive worship songs. Around 2013 the Father lead them into a Hebraic understanding of their faith which reactivated this gift and it has now developed into a growing portfolio of worship songs.

Listen to the worship songs on Soundcloud or our church website:- Audio:

Audio and words: Church website:

Hand written music with chords is available for individual songs by contacting Bruce. There is no copyright on the songs if used for worship. Other enquiries can be addressed to Bruce at the above e-mail. Professionally recording cd’s is expensive but will be considered should those resources become available.
Be blessed as you worship our awesome Heavenly Father and His Son.
Bruce & Rhondda Sleaford

Updated: 12/3/18


Fellowship Name: The Meeting Place

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Mark Mulick

Phone: 0422997659

Address: Sunshine Coast. Queensland

Meeting Times: Friday 6:30 - every second Shabbat. Moedim and any other excuse to fellowship.

Meeting Place: Various

Other Information: We are a group of Messianic Believers who are in Love with whole Word of YHVH. We absolutely identify with the Hebrew Roots of our faith. We are located on the Sunshine coast. Spread out between Gympie and Caboolture. We are a fun loving bunch who love to fellowship, learn & teach.  Love Yah - Love each other.  Shalom.

Listed: 9/3/18


Name (Individual): Nat

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Not far from Toowoomba, Queensland

Other Information: Whilst knowing in my heart for decades that Yah is love, I find myself recently starting down a new path of discovery in terms of the Torah, Dead Sea Scrolls and observance of the lunar Sabbath. I would welcome interaction from other like-minded individuals :)

Updated: 14/3/18


Name (Individual): WILLIAM HIEATT

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 06 862 6888

Address: unit2 Tolaga bay motel 36 cook st. Tolaga bay Gisborne 4077

Other Information: My wife and I believe in Yahuah Al and His only begotten Son Yahusha messiah. We believe that the out pouring of Yahuah's Spirit according to Joel will occur in three years time We belong to the Ecclesia of Natsarim.

Listed: 29/3/18


Fellowship Name: G1 2 R22

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Bernhard and Michelle

Phone: 0411 021 083 (Bernhard)

Address: 13 Josephine Tce., Highland Park, Qld., 4211. Australia

Meeting Times: Alternating Saturdays 9:45 sharp.

Meeting Place: Alternate meetings held at Highland Park and Beenleigh, Gold Coast, QLD.
Other Information: We come together as Messianic Jews and Believers to celebrate the 7th day Sabbath and the 3 main Feast Days as written in the Scriptures. Our aim is for others who are 'like minded' to join with us for Praise and Worship, Prayer, Study and fellowship over lunch.
We welcome all those desiring to know the Truth; Jews who want to know more about their Messiah and Christians wanting to know more about the Hebrew Roots of their faith. We aspire to be part of the ushering in of 'The Messianic Age', in readiness for the return of 'The King of Kings'.
Many of the subjects explored will be Law and Grace, Yeshua and the Festivals of YHWH, the Lost Tribes of Israel, the Hebrew alphabet, the significance of the Land of Israel, the DNA of Creation and many others.
BYO packed lunch. Please call or email for further information

Listed: 7/6/18


Name (Individual): Colin & Sharelle Huish

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0741646210

Address: 70 King Rd Maidenwell Qld 4615 Australia

Other Information: My wife and myself have recently moved to a little town near the Bunya Mountains, half an hour from Kingaroy or Yarraman and just over an hour from Toowoomba. We are Torah observant, keep the feast days, Kosher, seventh day Sabbath, and His true Name, Y’shua. We desire to meet with other like minded believers and invite you to join with us at our home in Maidenwell, (even if just passing through), at 11am for prayer for Israel, fellowship lunch as we share and discuss the Hebrew Scriptures, share experiences of divine appointments in our travels to Israel, and sharing of your own experiences.

Listed: 1/7/18


Name (Individual): Allan Riek

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0430 290 985

Address: 470 Mundoolun Connection Rd. Boyland near Tamborine 4275 Qld.

Other Information: Messianic, Torah observant, Yisra'el. Follower of The Way, of The Notzri/Branch (The Way of Yahshua Ha'Mashiach). My belief is that we are to rest on the Shabbath (Seventh Day) and fellowship, celebrate the Moedim (Appointed Qadosh Days of YaHUaH) the best way we can and also that we should eat kosher. Study the Qadosh Scriptures. When we love our creator, we have a responsibility to follow the instructions of The Covenant excepted by Yisra'el and the instructions given us by the Prophets of Elohim and by The Messiah, Yahshua. Not the traditions of man.
My interest is also in the Original Pictographic Hebrew Language (Tsaphah) and the Otiot (The meaning of the Ot/letters) and the Hebraic understanding of Scripture.
I attempt to following the Priestly Calendar given to Chanoch (Enoch). (Enoch, Essene, Tzadok Priestly Calendar, found in the Dead Sea Scrolls/The library of the true Tzadok Priests who were expelled from the Temple around 160BCE because they would not change the Qadosh Priestly Calendar to the Lunar calendar of Antiochus) so as to place the Moedim in their correct time to put us in step with the Shamayim.

Listed: 11/7/18




South Australia

Name (Individual): Mosheh EliYahu

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Adelaide

Other Information: I believe in Yahushua the Messiah and our heavenly Father Yahuah. I believe that the Torah is still applicable today for those that follow in the foot steps of Yahushua. That the followers of the Messiah should avoid the use of pagan names and pagan practices (followers should use better translations of the Scriptures which restore the set-apart names of our heavenly Father and His Son without raising much controversy in the correct pronunciation). That followers should aspire to wear tassels (tzitzits) as commanded in Bemidbar(Numbers)15:37-40 as Yahushua wore them; follow the food laws and appointed times as laid out in Wayyiqra(Leviticus)11 and 23 respectively. That we should love Yahuah and Yahushua first above all and then love fellow man as ourselves.
I enjoy studying the Set Apart Scriptures especially the study of prophesy. Also enjoy mountain trails and sports (F1 and golf).


Fellowship Name: Living Stones

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Merv or Michelle

Phone: 08-86455543

Address: 4 Cowled st., Whyalla Norrie, SA 5608. Australia.

Meeting Times: contact for details

Meeting Place: contact for details

Other Information: We were Christian pastors until the beginning of 08 when YHWH called us to the true path of Torah. As a sent one & a mouthpiece I believe it's about relationship, not religion. We find a similar thing to Christianity, many just want to settle for religion, & that is very sad. We want to see people come alive in their own relationship with Yahushua & YHWH & be led by the Ruach Hakodesh into all YHWH has for them. We try to equip people with teaching to understand & to grow. Anyone in the area or passing through is welcome to drop in for a cuppa & fellowship & anything else we can help with.


Name (Individual): Timothy Ng

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Greenhill Road, Burnside, SA 5066

Other Information: We observe His Torah and ALL His appointed times namely: the festival, the New Moon and the Sabbaths, as repeated by the Most High at Yehezqel (Eze.) 45:17 -

(Ezekiel 45:17)  "And on the prince are the burnt offerings, and the grain offerings, and drink offerings, at the festival, the New Moons, the Sabbaths in ALL the APPOINTED TIMES of the house of Yisrael. He is to prepare the sin offering, and the grain offering, and the burnt offering, and the peace offerings to make atonement for the house of Yisrael"


Name (Individual): Netzarim

Contact person: Andre Rivenell

Phone: 0481201999

Address: Angas Crescent, Marino 5049

Our Website:

Other Information: Shalom Aleikhem, we are the Netzarim who are the original followers of Y'Shua who live according to Moshe's Torah and the Ketuvim writings which were the living word once delivered through Y'Shua our Master! We come from diverse cultures and religious backgrounds to return to Halakha the way to walk through Y'Shua. We hold the Word of YHWH as our authority and the Ruach HaKodesh as our guide. We live by Enumah/Faith in Y'Shua Mashiyach and Observe Torah (instructions in righteousness). We open our hearts to the Ruach HaKodesh (Set-Apart), and return to Ancient Paths of YHWH, living unto YHWH as He writes His Torah upon our hearts. Although some tradition may be harmless or even beneficial, we reject tradition of man which goes against Torah and the teachings of Y'Shua our teacher. Religion is known to usurp authority from the Word of YHWH only to establish ideas of man, we reject this as confusion.


Name (Individual): Michael Booth

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0419216447

Address: 24 Stuart road Prospect South Australia 5082

Other Information: I been following Torah for several years now, at present I live in Adelaide. I came to understand how we are part of Israel through relationship and not through religion.
My Face Book site is
I believe many are called but few are chosen, but sadly many disqualify themselves because they fail to see that to be the Bride of Yahushua one must love Him with all their heart and Obey The Father's word His standards His Torah


Fellowship Name: Beit Netzarim Adelaide Jewish Congregation

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Binhyahmin Ngo

Phone: 043476 8883

Address: 6 Denmead Avenue Campbeltown SA 5074

Meeting Times: Scripture Study: Wednesday 7PM, Torah Service: Sat 10 AM

Meeting Place: 6a Denmead Avenue Campbeltown SA 5074


Other Information:Beit Netzarim is a friendly safe Jewish community where people can come to experience and express their Torah based faith in a practical way, learning together and from each other to follow HaShem.

We encourage people to come with a teachable heart and openness of mind (empty cup) to take part in the Scripture Studies as well as the Torah Services in order to be formed more and more into the Image of our Messiah as we grow together in unity and love.

This is one of the few Congregations that has a Torah Scroll that is used as part of the Boker Sabbath Services.



Name (Individual): HaSophim The Watchmen

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0403044113

Address: Uniting Church Hall 607 Lower N E Rd, Campbelltown SA 5074

Other Information: Come every week for the weekly Parasha teaching. We meet every Friday evening at 6pm to discuss and study the Torah with a Hebraic perspective, uncovering all the hidden gems in YHVH's Word. We teach a balanced view on Scripture and covers from Genesis to Revelation with the Torah Cycle as framework.
All the studies are documented and the teachings are now available in Audio format as well. Visit us at


Name (Individual): Annette Pike

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0407381859

Address: Mount Pleasant, South Australia, 5235

Other Information: I am part of a group that meets every Shabbat and for the feasts in either Littlehampton or on our property, Hebron, in Mount Pleasant. We come from a variety of backgrounds but hold in common our love for Yeshua, Israel and the torah. YHVH has brought us together to form and express community. All are welcome to share in praise and fellowship.

Listed: 22/7/18


Name (Individual): Tony and Diane Schmidtke

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0429419619

Address: Craigmore SA 5114

Other Information: We agree with the statement of the site. Happy to be in contact with others for encouragement and fellowship.

Listed: 22/7/18




Name (Individual): Jill Morgan

Email Address: Click here to send email

Other Information:
I agree with the statement made by this site and enjoying the fellowship of others who like to discuss the Torah and the ways of our Father.

My other interests are my dog, bush walking, taking photos and computers.


Fellowship Name: Lifestream Fellowship

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: John Steed

Phone: 03 64257649

Address: PO Box 428 Penguin Tasmania 7316

Meeting Times: 10 am - last Sabbath of the month

Meeting Place: contact for details

Website: House of Steed

Other Information: We support the OzTorah statement of belief.


Name (Individual): Edwin Morris

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0488993232

Address: 165 Eva Gully Road, Glendevie, Tasmania 7116

Other Information: We are a Torah keeping Christian family, who live on a large acreage in Southern Tasmania. We endeavour to live a simple life working the land with old equipment and respecting the Amish way of life. We are semi self sufficient in vegetables, milk, butter and cheese. Our meat needs are met from our own animals and fish from the local river. Our belief is simple. We don't put undue emphases on the Jewishness of God's laws but rather focus on the simplicity of what God's instructions are for mankind all over the world.


Name (Individual): Robin Klumpp

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0468380429 or 0429149648

Address: 45 Gees Marsh rd Bellingham

Other Information: Hello, my family and I would enjoy meeting up for a Sabbath or feast with any one passing through the area or we would be happy to travel to meet you:) I have 4 children all under 6 my wife (Rebecca 26) and I have been married for 6 years. We enjoy a simple life in the country, we love Gods Laws and commandments and thank him for the wonderful example he gave to us through his son how to keep the law with a loving pure heart without the pride filled self righteous traditions of men.


Name (Individual): Steven Morris family

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0468372468

Address: Branxholm, TAS 7261

Other Information: We are a young family who seek to Honour and obey our heavenly Father .
We see Torah observance as a matter of duty and not as a means of gaining salvation.
We see that all God's (YHWH's) laws show us how to both express our love to Him, and our fellow man.. All extra-biblical traditions are discouraged. These include, church traditions, worldly traditions, Jewish traditions, cultural or historical traditions etc.
We do not claim to be a group, church, community, or organisation of any kind. Simply a family passionate about serving our Lord, desiring to find His grace.
We do not have all truth but we would like to meet others who hunger and thirst after righteousness.
You are welcome to join us for a home fellowship held at one of several locations each Sabbath in the north east of Tasmania.


Name (Individual): Zachary Morris

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0468323804

Address: 62 Bridport Back Rd Nabowla Tasmania 7260

Other Information: My family and I love Our great God and desire to love Him with all our hearts. We are so thankful and appreciate all that he has done for us and want to live or lives for His glory honour and pleasure. We are so thankful that Our Lord has shown us in His word how to express our love to him. But we realise how much we need Christ to forgive us as sinners. Christ did all things to please the father sadly we don't but pray God has mercy on us as we try to. We enjoy fellowship so we can edify and encourage one another to love the lord God with all our hearts soul mind with all our strength. Our Messiah was sinless and obeyed the Torah as part of life yet that was only part of doing all things to please the Father. Obeying Torah is a basic nothing to be self-righteous about do we really love our neighbour as our selves? Do we really love God with everything we have? I pray God has mercy on me a sinner!


Fellowship Name: Lovers of Yeshua and Torah

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Edgar & Pam

Address: Tasmania 7215

Meeting Times: We keep every Shabbat. You are welcome to join us. We would like to meet more like-minded people.

Other Information: We do not know any other like-minded people close by, who love the Jews, Yeshua and study the Torah. If you live in or somewhere near St Marys, we would be glad to hear from you.


Name (Individual): Nathan Dunning

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Bass Hwy Elizabeth Town Tasmania 7304

Other Information: Hi I'm a single parent new to the straight path tying to obey Yehweh's commands and learn his ways. So as I can serve him in the kingdom of Heaven. I'm looking to start a Bible study group or fellowship in Tasmania. Attempting to learn Biblical Hebrew at the moment, Shalom


Name (Individual): Zoe Arapidis

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0435181180

Address: Inveresk, TAS, 7248

Other Information: Hi There, I just moved from Melbourne down to Launceston and I have found that there aren't any Messianic congregations here. I was looking for people who would like to join me on Saturday Mornings to read from the Bible and discuss Messianic Judaism with me. I am still quite new to Messianic Judaism and would like to learn more from other people and from shared worship. Please send me an email or a text if you were interested in getting together to worship our Lord Yeshua.

Listed: 23/3/2017


Name (Individual): Don & Cecily French

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0417 155 075

Address: 30 Beach Road Legana Tas 7277

Other Information: We are a small group of believers in Yeshua who are attempting to learn and follow Torah. Very interested in studying along with others on Shabbat.

Listed: 29/3/2017


Name (Individual): Richard & Robyn Shaules

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0421 817 674


Other Information: My wife and I have recently moved back to Tasmania and are happy to have settled on the West Coast. We live in Zeehan, and would love to meet with other fellow believers on the West Coast.
We have a love for scripture, God, and learning how the torah reflects love. Please feel free to drop us a line and let us know if you'd like to meet for some fellowship!

Updated: 3/9/2017


Name (Individual): Louise Cowan

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0478 230 525

Address: Kings Meadows, TAS, Australia 7249

Other Information: I am a Bible believing Christian who believes in keeping the Torah, 7th Day Sabbath. I want to learn from others and would love to hear from anyone who can help me to learn more about what is relevant and to understand the natural and spiritual implications of the practices and Biblical teachings. Please.

Listed: 7/1/2018





Fellowship Name: Adat Yisrael Congregation

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Chaiyim ben Ariel

Phone: 0420 318 227

Address: Melbourne Victoria 3196 Australia

Meeting Times: 2pm Shabbat- Festivals

Meeting Place: Please contact us for Details

Our Website:

Other Information: Come and Reason Together with us the Scriptures.
Nazarene Israelite Community.


Name (Individual): Chaiyim ben Ariel

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0420 318 227

Address: Melbourne ,Victoria, Australia 3196

Other Information: Nazarene Israelites


Name (Individual): Garth Grenache

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: (03) 9778 8410, 0438 773 235

 20 Beresford Drive, Boronia, Vic, Australia

Other Information: We host open meetings most Sabbaths. We read Scriptures, exchanging perspectives as friends. All are welcome.

[I've also established mutually-accountable fellowship with those I call 'brothers and sisters'. We agree to keep our fellowship undefiled like the primitive ekklesia (see 1Corinthians 5:1-13), practising the shun where necessary.]

Personally, I freely offer 13 years experience in Biblical Hebrew/Greek for those keen on learning.

We encourage believers to pursue 'the faith once delivered to the saints' (Jude 3).

If you think similarly, let's meet. Please don't hesitate to e-mail or phone me.
My facebook page is here:


Name (Individual): Rory

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Melbourne, Victoria.


Other Information:  I have spent some time teaching biblical Hebrew to various small home fellowships in Queensland with some success. The biblical Hebrew course for believers that I put together is being uploaded onto YouTube. It is quite large, and consists of 8 Lessons, which I hope to have fully online in a few weeks. The details are on my website.

My main emphasis is teaching the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel about what is coming next prophetically, that is, the return of the Lost tribes after world war 3.

The next is equipping God's people with an understanding of the New Testament from a Torah perspective and teaching the need to keep the Sabbath and the Feasts in a humble and contrite spirit.

May YHVH bless you in the name of His Son Yeshua HaMashiach.


Name (Individual): Glen Jones/Meryl Jones/Deborah Jones/William Jones

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 61353424760

Address: 145 Blackberry Lane, Haddon, Victoria

Other Information: Believers in Torah obedience, Sabbath observance, feast keeping and studying scripture to find myself approved.  Desire to keep in the will of YHWH and to follow the example set by Yahushua.


Name (Individual): Jem and Andrea Belcher

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 03 5628 4377

Address: 3096 Main Neerim Road, Neerim Junction, Victoria VIC 3832

Other Information: Our family are followers of Yahuah-sha HaMessiach, son of the most high Yahuah. We try as best we can to keep the commandments of Yahuah and have the faith and testimony of Yahuah-sha HaMessiach. We are looking to extend our fellowship to as many like-minded followers as we can.    Baruch Haba B'Shem Yahuah ... Yahuah-sha HaMessiach


Name (Individual): Grant Hall

Email Address: Click here to send email


Australia, Victoria, Drouin 3818

Other Information: I believe Jesus/Yehoshua is the Messiah, I believe that He is fully God & fully Man. That He came in the flesh, lived a sinless life, then died on the Cross, bearing the sins of mankind & in doing so defeated sin, death & the devil. Then rose to life on the 3rd day.
I'm not interested in Traditions (Talmud etc) & hold to Scripture Alone. I don't believe in Sacred Names & often call my Lord Jesus, tho I believe His Name was likely Yehoshua or Yeshua.
There is only One God, He is Father, Word & Spirit


Name (Individual): Don and Deborah Harrison

Email Address: Click here to send email 


Neerim South, Vic

Other Information: We have endeavoured to be Torah observant believers in Messiah Yeshua since 2006/7. Each year, precept by precept, we grow and mature to hopefully stand before our King on that Day and be not found 'wanting' in His eyes. We believe that Yeshua is Torah made flesh, came as a man and paid the death penalty price for our sin upon Himself, thereby releasing us from inevitable destruction and death, but in His amazing mercy and grace, offered us life, abundant life and eternal life, if we love Him AND follow His commands (Torah).

Updated: 3/3/2017


Fellowship Name: River of Life Apostolic Congregation

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person:
Sharmaine Meek


PO Box 560 Ocean Grove Victoria

Meeting Times:
Friday nights 8pm and Feast Days

Meeting Place:
Marcus Hill Memorial Hall Cnr Banks Rd and Bellarine Hwy Marcus Hill

Our Website:

Other Information: We have been on a three year journey after a visitation from Yahweh. We now observe the Shabbat, His Feasts, not the pagan ones of Easter and Christmas etc, we eat Kosher, we love the Torah. We clearly hear the call from The Ruach HaKodesh to a deeper relationship with Papa. We have set our feet on this pathway late 2009, and oh boy what a journey it has been. We have been blessed and blessed. And of course, we now use the correct Hebrew Name for Jesus, Yeshua or Yahshua, and Yahweh for Papa.

Love to have you come visit some time, and take a trip to Israel with us in 2013.

Hear from you soon.


Name (Individual): Baruch Cohen-Woodward

Email Address: Click here to send email

Mobile; 0412 857 089     Home; 03 54 943 705

12 High Street, Wedderburn, Victoria. 3518 Australia


Name (Individual): J Family

Email Address: Click here to send email


PO Box 77 Puckapunyal Vic Australia

Other Information: Hey. We are a family that keep Torah and desires to follow the complete will of G-d.

We live in North East Vic ( I know the address says differently) on a farm which is still in the throws of getting in order.

We LOVE meeting other matter who you are!

If you want to meet or chat or email...whatever you want,...just send an email or ring me up...we can get to know each other and encourage one another!


Fellowship Name: Biblical Witness for Israel

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Philip Hammond

Phone: 0416 087400

Address: RMB 530 Hammonds road Ensay Victoria 3895 Australia

Our Website:

Other Information: For more information please go to our web site


Fellowship Name: Wandering Israelites

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Peter

Phone: 0434510115

Address: 28 second ave, casey gardens, Victoria

Meeting Times: whenever convenient!

Meeting Place: home
Other Information: LUNAR SABBATH fellowship.!! Studying TORAH, writings, prophets and renewed testament and practice TORAH submissiveness. Yahweh's TORAH is holy, just and good. Romans 7:12. Testing all things and holding fast to that which is good 1 Thessalonians 5:21. Trying to produce in abundance the nine fruits of the spirit. Galatians 5:22.
IMPORTANT - Before you contact - Fellowship is a strict monotheistic faith. I believe there is only ONE (in its absolute sense) true god (Yahweh), John 17:3-Jeremiah 10:10-Isaiah 43:11-12., who is NOT Yeshua (who is elohim John 10:34, psalm 45:7.) Yahweh ALONE (Exodus 20:3) is the creator of the current Heavens and the Earth. Isaiah 45:18 Revelation 19:10 John 20:17. Yeshua is his fully unique human son (Acts 2:22-36), anointed King of Israel. Yeshua is "Yahweh on earth" who will rule his Father's coming Kingdom to EARTH. Ruling from Zion where we hope to return to (Jeremiah 16:14-15)


Name (Individual): David Kinder

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0401 810 971

Address: 7 Parhnam court, Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia

Other Information: I believe that God's law is eternal but salvation is only found in Christ not by works, and our focus should be on the weightier matters of the law. I have known Christ for 5 years and am looking for local fellowship. I reject the sacred name heresy and believe Yeshua is divine.


Fellowship Name: Beit Tzion Messianic congregation

Contact Person: Pablo & Isabel V.

Phone: 03 97311171 - 0433 225 177

Address: Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, AU


Other Information: We are a Messianic online group of followers of YESHUA'S teachings in their Hebraic context. We gather with other believers irregularly at our home for Shabbats in Melbourne's West, Australia. Until such a time when we get enough regulars and it may be necessary to form a Kahila (Congregation); so for the time being we can only offer fellowship; no stage, lights or smoke machines yet :)

We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) died as our Passover Lamb, then resurrected on the 3rd day entering in as our high priest into the heavenly temple to offer one free will sacrifice of peace, paying the penalty for all our sins, that being His own life blood. We believe that initial salvation is obtained through faith alone, pending on His rachem (mercy) alone but we must then work out our salvation, producing fruits of obedience as evidence of that rebirth state. We believe in serving God and others by following HIS instructions (Torah), which are not done away with and through which we receive His favour to live an abundant life. We believe that each house should be a congregation and each man a priest ready to present himself and his family as a bride without spot, blemish or wrinkle Our desire is to love God with all of our hearts, mind and soul as those grafted into Israel and to live a Spirit filled life of worship to YHWH :)
... And finally we like to use His Hebrew name as Yeshua which means 'salvation'.


Name (Individual): Simona

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0426 569 513

Address:  Bentleigh 3165 VIC Australia

Other Information: I am a follower of Yahushua HaMashiah. We observe Torah that Father YAHUAH gave to us. My husband is Israeli. We have young children. Would like to meet other families with children.

Updated: 29/3/18


Name (Individual): Jacques & Simone Allers

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Echuca, Victoria, Australia

Other Information: We are a family with young children seeking fellowship. We have a deep love for Torah and Yeshua Messiah

Updated: 7/6/18


Name (Individual): Ryan Gray

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0402 882 736

Address: 84 Scotsdale Drive Cranbourne East

Other Information: We follow the way of the Messiah, in the new covenant, teach Torah, keep the Sabbath, feasts, wash each others feet, and follow in accountable fellowship.
We welcome visitors of all walks with no pressure to join.


Fellowship Name: Hebrew Roots Fellowship

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Don & Debbie Harrison

Phone: 0410415050

Address: 35 Shirley Rd, Neerim South, Vic 3831

Meeting Times: 2pm alternate Saturdays

Meeting Place: Life Ministry Centre, Old Melbourne Rd, Chirnside Park

Other Information: We come together to celebrate the Sabbath and Feast Days as written in the Scriptures. We believe that the whole Bible is true and relevant for believers today. We also believe the Torah (the first 5 Books of the Old Testament) is our Instructions on how to live in this darkening world around us.

Listed: 3/3/2017


Fellowship Name: Hebrew Roots Melbourne

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Don and Deborah

Phone: 041 041 5050

Address: Victoria, 3150, Australia

Meeting Times: Fortnightly at 2 PM

Meeting Place: Please contact us for exact details! We meet in a church hall.


Other Information: Our Messiah Yeshua is the Rock of Israel Though we are saved by YHWH's grace, His perfect Torah is His instructions on how to walk and live righteously The Torah is by no means 'done away with' We meet to grow in community and learn together. There is no one 'teacher', we all study and learn together

Listed: 23/3/2017


Name (Individual): David C.

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0424 374 874

Address: Melton VIC 3338

Other Information: I am affiliated with Beit Tzion, we get together regularly in Hoppers Crossing.
Followers of Yeshua in Torah. Its been quite a journey, I am happy to share my testimony and be of assistance to people in the area, who want to know more.. We also host weekly Torah/Bible studies in Spanish! Please contact me for more information. Shalom.
Soy afiliado con Beit Tzion, nos reunimos regularmente en Hoppers Crossing. Somos seguidores de Yeshua por medio de la Torah. Ha sido una gran jornada, y estoy muy dispuesto a compartir mi testimonio y ser de asistencia a personas interesadas en el area que quieran saber mas. Tambien hacemos reuniones semanales de estudio de la Torah/Biblico en Español! Contacteme para mas informacion. Shalom

Updated: 4/12/17



Western Australia

Name (Individual): David Michael Dale

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: Home:  (08)  9592 1760   Mob:  0437 318 164

Address: Unit 3 / 53  Harrisom  Street.  Rockingham.  WA.  6168.

Other Information: 
I am 67 years old, a Pensioner and Senior and a retired Marine Engineer, physically fit and live on my own. I migrated to Australia in 1972 and always considered this country as a land flowing with milk and honey and of exceptional opportunity.
Yahweh opened the door to Messianic understanding in me in the late 80's and I began studying and teaching on Messianic belief from that moment on.
At the moment I belong to no fixed fellowship and try and confine myself to the ones who preach and teach Messianic ways and beliefs.
I study with a Rabbi who is also a Messianic believer, knowing and declaring that Yeshua is the Messiah and awaits His glorious coming again.
My hobbies are fishing, walking and just sitting on the beach (I live just two minutes from the beach front) and contemplating His blessed Word. I must admit though, that I am a great lover of sport and am a Dockers and Sydney Swan supporter.
I am a member of a Men's Prayer Group who meet together for prayer and praise and to bring our prayers and petitions before Yahweh Elohim each Thursday at my home.
I Bless His Holy Name and look forward to the day when I shall meet Him face to face.


Name (Individual): Robert Bentley

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 08 - 90912073  

Address: 66 Federal Road

Other Information: I believe in Messiah Yeshua and that he is the Only way to Yahweh Elohim. I believe that he came in the form of man but at the same token was God Eternal who had shed his Glory in order for man to be able to identify and him to be able to identify with mans sinful nature in order to bring us redemption from sin.

I believe that He is Yahweh Elohim the king of the universe, that was, and is, and is to come, Our Great God and King.The Sovereign of the Universe.



Name (Individual): Chieng Yii

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: 27 Darley Circle Bull Creek WA 6149 Western Australia

Other Information: I believe Jesus is the son of God and our saviour.  I believe in fellowship in the presence of the Holy Spirit who is our teacher, our friend and intercedes on our behalf


Name (Individual): Adele

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Albany, WA, 6330

Other Information: Would love to meet, chat with, discuss & discover anyone believing in the beliefs of being a Messianic Jew.


Name (Individual): Michael Grochowski

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0438642007

Address: Harrisdale, 6112, WA, Australia

Other Information: A believer in and follower of the Messiah Yeshua, my Saviour. With my family I have been on a journey of restoration and learning (since 2009) YHVH's Way as given by Him and recorded in the Torah... desiring to worship Him in Spirit and in TRUTH.

I believe I have been grafted into the One Body of the Messiah - ISRAEL - as part of the restoration of the two houses of Israel as promised in Ezekiel and Jeremiah... As a family we meet with few others on the Sabbath to study Yahweh's Word, pray and fellowship. Would love to connect with others... Shalom!


Fellowship Name: Restoration Down Under Ministries - Perth Fellowship

Email Address: Click to send email

Contact Person: Michael Grochowski

Phone: 0861022220

Address: Perth, Western Australia.

Meeting Times: Please contact for details

Meeting Place: Please contact for details


Other Information: On 15 March 2014 we initiated the beginning of the Perth Fellowship under the care and oversight of Restoration Down Under Ministries. Visit our website for more details and register for updates on events.

As a ministry we clearly see in the Scriptures that Yahweh [YHWH / the LORD] is revealing His plan of restoration of all things (Acts 3:21). Our responsibility is to return to and walk according to His Way as we are convinced that salvation is by our Heavenly Father’s grace through faith, and is the fruit of repentance that leads to following the Messiah Y’shua’s [Jesus'] example of obedience to YHWH's Word, His Torah.

We consider that studying the Hebraic roots of the Faith, will help us to better understand Abba’s [Father's] Word, His Name, His Feasts, the ministry of His Messiah Y’shua [Jesus], His Gospel of the Kingdom and His People Israel.



Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0402603168

Address: 4 Hester Street, Langford W.A 6147

Other Information: Are you interested to learn the scriptures together with us?
If your answer is yes, be informed that we meet on the Shabbat day as part of set apart meeting. And we hold prayer meetings and scriptures study during week days as well.
As the FAITHFUL IN MESSIAH CONGREGATION, we believe that the faithful in messiah are those who have heeded the call to keep Torah and accept Yeshua’s blood-atonement, thereby becoming partakers of the renewed covenant.
We are strongly against the idea of picking and choosing what we like from the scriptures and make a doctrine out of it like you see in all men made religions. We believe and study the whole scripture from Genesis to Revelation. That’s how Elohim intended it to be. We therefore encourage the unhindered study and open discussion of it in seeking to understand and obey the will of YHVH, our Elohim.
Unless one be a partaker of the covenant that Elohim has mad with Israel, he/she cannot be part the messianic and eternal kingdom. Anyone who is not part of the commonwealth of Israel is an alien. (Ephes. 2:12-13).


Name (Individual): Nicolle

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0423 638 008

Address: Rockingham, WA, 6168, Australia

Other Information: Shalom, I am a gentile Messianic believer who loves Adonai, Yeshua, the Torah, Israel, the Jewish people. I am currently living near Rockingham in Western Australia and would love to meet other believers who love the Torah, keep Shabbat and follow the feasts etc.
It would be blessing study together on Shabbat, share a Shabbat meal and fellowship together.
May Adonai bless you and keep you always, may He shine His beautiful Shalom/peace upon you. Blessings and Shalom.


Name (Individual): Anthony

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Bunbury Western Australia 6230

Other Information: I believe I am a gentile Christian, grafted in to the original olive tree. I believe the Jews and Israel are still God's special possession. I believe in the jewishness of Y'shua and not the western Jesus. I believe in the law of God as laid out in the Hebrew texts are for ALL people and nations to follow. I believe every Christian must discard pagan practices and idol worship and take become set apart from false and misleading doctrine of western churches and relearn and turn back to their roots which were formed in the Jewish Y'shua and died in the western Jesus . I believe YAHVEH and Y'shua are separate identities, one the father and one the son. But Y'shua contains the fathers blueprints internally and operates his fathers will within our space and time...... Although I have much to learn, I would love to hear and meet other like minded Christians who are starting their journey or meet more Netzari Jews that can teach me more about their faith as a way of life. Thank you.


Name (Individual): Ndebele Family Fellowship

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0429879824

Address: 39 Silver Princess Way, Jane Brook WA 6056

Other Information: We start our family fellowship, after struggling for a very long time to find a Christian fellowship that holds sincerely to the standard of the Torah, Prophets and the New Testament. We are seeking like minded believers who are willing to learn and teach others the ways of Yehovah and keep his feasts. Please feel free to join every Sabbath at 11 am.


Fellowship Name: Eben Yeshua Messianic Fellowship

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Lee & Kathy

Phone: 0404 724 737

Address: Albany, Western Australia

Meeting Times: 10.30 am each Shabbat

Meeting Place: TBC - please contact us for details

Other Information: Eben Yeshua is a Messianic Jewish/Hebraic Roots fellowship based in Albany, Western Australia. Our aim is for like minded and sincere brethren who have been called in their heart to gather in YHWH's Name to worship Him in song, hallel (praise), emuna (faith), teaching, sharing and encouraging one another. We believe that although Yeshua (Jesus) came to redeem His own, He is also the restorer of all things and plans to restore the church back to its early, authentic, non-denominational Jewish origin. We welcome those from either a Jewish or non-Jewish background. We are all Israel anyway, grafted into Yeshua HaMoshiach, our Olive Tree (Romans 11)


Name (Individual): Phillip Rozema

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0417 480 000

Address: PO Box 222 Chidlow WA 6556

Other Information: I am an Israelite. A believer in the promised Moschiach of Yisrael ,Yeshua the reverser of the curse ( sin) of Gan Eden (Garden of Eden). According to His own words in the gospels Yeshua came for The lost sheep of the House of Yisrael. To commence the restoration of The Nation of Yisrael (all 12 tribes and those who would join with her). For this purpose He laid down His life freely for His friends.

He is the living Torah The Word made flesh. Both Christianity and Rabbinical Judiaism nullify the Torah given to Mosheh (Moses) by preferring their own oral traditions of religious men and are control mechanisms. Moshiach warned us about men and their traditions. The Rauch Hakodesh the Spirit of Elohim is calling out the remnant of Yisrael scattered in the nations preparing them for the Second Exodus.

Feel free to call me to discuss Torah. I don't do debates and Facebook rants, and am not a money tree. If your like minded and genuine please feel free to call . 0417480000

Listed: 4/6/17


Fellowship Name: Holyground Ministries

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Pastors Gary and Gloria Middleton

Phone: 0422439136 0419993764

Address: Unit13/3 Dover Street Mandurah Western Australia

Meeting Times: Saturdays at ten am

Meeting Place: West Murray community centre corner of Goodooga and Pinjarra roads Barragup

Other Information:
We have been called to go back to our Hebrew roots to teach the ways of Yeshua Adonai , we celebrate all the feasts , teach the torah , and keep the Sabbath we are ordained under Beth Israel Rabbi Daniel Vargas in America .

Listed: 6/8/17


Name (Individual): Yvonne and Wes Williamson

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 422322726

Address: Dunsborough, 6281, Western Australia

Other Information: Hello - We are Christians who are trying to learn how to worship God in His Truth and in His Way - We are learning of our Hebrew roots and are trying to turn away from anything pagan. We are convinced we are to celebrate the feasts but at the same time know that this is not a salvation issue and we are not to judge others if they do or don't. We very much want to be able to celebrate the fall feasts this year with others but not too far from Dunsborough.

Updated: 17/12/17


Name (Individual): Evert

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0404153264

Address: Po Box 276, Beverley, 6304, Western Australia, Australia.

Other Information: We are a family that has come into the Father's truth (His doing), and believe ALL of the Father's Word to be for the believer today. We praise and thank Yah for opening our eye's. We are not only hearers of the Word, but doers also. We do not do or keep the dogma or traditions of man. If you are seeking TRUTH (Psa 119:142) and would like a friendly catch up or just contact us via Ph or email, please give us a call.

Listed: 24/8/17


Fellowship Name: Shalom Ministries

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0895078914 and 0473896419

Address: 22 Valentino Close, GREENFIELDS

Other Information: We are an Aboriginal family and wanting the true remnant of Yeshua and also "Hold to the testimony of Yeshua and keep the commandments of God" (Revelation 12:17).

We have been Praying for many years for the Aboriginal people of our GREAT SOUTHREN LAND of THE HOLY SPIRIT, to know the truth and receive YESHUA as their Saviour.

JOHN 4:22/23 says: "You worship what you have not known; we worship what we have known, because the salvation is of the Jews; but, there comes an hour, and it now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father also does seek such to worship him;"

Updated: 17/12/17


Name (Individual): Kelly

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0427533203

Address: Butler, W.A.

Other Information: Shalom, I am OUT of Christianity and paganism. I am a believer in YAHUAH our Creator, the Father, and Yahusha ha'Mashiah, our Messiah and the Son. I have been in Torah just over a year.
I am a mother of 3 children living in Butler (northern suburbs of Perth). So far I don't know ANY believers in YAHUAH and Yahusha specifically, I know there are many who use yahweh and yeshua but I believe they are false names and have no authority just like the false name jesus has no authority.
I came across this website today while looking for Torah homeschool info as am considering homeschooling my daughter next year... It all depends where YAHUAH wants us. Very close to losing this home so we may even move somewhere country, not sure yet.
Feel free to send through a text to say hi.
May YAHUAH barak you all in the Name of Yahusha ha'Mashiah. HalleluYahuah! (Praise you YAHUAH)

Listed: 7/6/18


Name (Individual): Avram Florin Iancu

Phone: 0401319792

Address: Ellenbrook WA 6069 Australia

Other Information: I came to understand the importance of keeping Torah according to the example of Yeshua at the end of 2011.
I am willing to support genuine and sincere believers who would like to learn how to walk in the ways of YHWH as I, myself am learning to do that as lead by the Spirit of Yah.

Listed: 1/7/18




Name (Individual): Raymond J Brightwell

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 06 347 2888   027 726 0275

Address: 28c Great North Road St Johns Hill Wanganui 4500 New Zealand

Other Information: Hello everyone.  We just wanted to tell people in Australia that we are selling up and moving there from New Zealand.

We hope to purchase a vehicle and fifth wheel caravan and travel from the Gold Coast to Perth where my mother , brother and sisters have lived for many years. From Perth we expect to head to Kunnunurra and back around to the East Coast and start back around again.

We earnestly desire to share Torah with any who will listen and that includes non-Torah Christians also. We will stop anywhere to teach and fellowship with others. You can visit our website at

We hope to be in Australia early in 2010


Fellowship Name: Qodesh Fellowship - Auckland

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Wilhelm & Petro Wolfaardt

Meetings Address: Alternating between: 37 Lancaster Road, BeachHaven, Northshore
and 45 Colwill Road, Royal Heights, Massey, Auckland (Please call to confirm where our next shabbat meeting will be, at 09 833-8779)

Meeting Times: 11:00 am every Shabbat (Saturdays)

Our Website: We are suppliers of The Scriptures (ISR) translation and many other translations and Torah literature and teachings, as well as Tzitzit, Shofars and Mezuzahs.

Other Information: To bring the Good News of ; the Messiah to all nations

To teach the Torah to all nations

To teach all nations to Practice the Torah

To encourage believers to Unlearn Error and to Learn Truth

To bring Unity between both houses of Yisra'el, namely The House of Yehudah and The House of Ephrayim

To restore the true and only Name of the Almighty ; and the Name of our Saviour ;



Fellowship Name: House of Yahshua The Great High Priest

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Nick

Phone: 0211703399

Address: Unit 2 11a Alexis Ave

Meeting Times: 12 - 4pm Shabbat Please Check our Website for Timetable

Meeting Place: The Botanical Gardens Manukau (Frendship House)

Our Website:

Other Information:
We meet to celebrate Shabbat we sing and praise our Creator through the Great High Priest Yahshua HaMashiac.


Name (Individual): Jayson and Charlene Basson

Address: Otorohanga, South Waikato, New Zealand, 3900

Other Information: We are Torah Observers in Yahoshua Ha Machiach  and would love to meet any Torah Observers in NZ.....


Name (Individual): Abraham Cox

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 07-8866-044    0210-265-8030

Address: 61 Baberton St Tokoroa 3420 Sth Waikato New Zealand

Other Information: Shalom! Married since 1961. Messianic 1973. Audim-speak gives us wonderful picture-letter-meanings. Father AL formed YAH, expressing His relationship with Son-ALuef. YAH =Most Special Place. WE of YAHWE reps Special-relationship Place for Audimkind. A-ALuef was consumed by Audim in 'the Good Seed' form in the fruit. Indwelling Audim extended his death-day to ALUF's 1000yr-long-Day. So A is absent from Y-H throughout Tenac. Also, man's symbol U, doubled to W, for Y-HWE. ALuef indwelt six generations   was born as Enoch of Jared. Ordained as Audim's Firstborn Heir "King of All Kings,"   heir of Sin-responsability. Ascended into Heaven, anointed as YHusho High Priest. Served as Y-HWE till unveiled as YAHusho Mushiac our Saviour. We look forward to His return very soon, arriving in the new Yarusholehim.  Do send for free email articles. May YAHusho bless all who love and serve Him in spirit and in truth..


Name (Individual): Chris & Tonika Tibbotts

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 037311166   or 0272101147

Address: P O Box 183  Greymouth , New Zealand


Name (Individual): Prem Paul

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0064-09-8133037

Address: 14 Butterworth Drive, Glendene, Waitakere , Auckland-0602.  New Zealand


Other Information: We are a small fellowship who believe in Yahshua as the Messiah and accept the great Mystery of Godliness as mentioned in 1Timothy 3:16 and Isaiah 48:16.
We endeavour to be simple and straight forward like the early congregations who fellowshipped as mentioned in the book of Acts.
We strongly focus on Spirit filled prayer, expecting miracles.
We do not like to indulge in Christian Bashing and are not averse to people referring to Yahshua as Jesus.
We accept every one as they are and we want every one in the group to feel comfortable, however we would strongly suggest that you come only if the Spirit of God is guiding you to come and fellowship with us, and not otherwise.


Name (Individual): FRANK CHAPMAN

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 042332335 mobile...0273726502

Address: Unit 14/2 Northpoint St, Plimmerton.

Other Information: Hi I am looking for a group of Torah believers to meet with for Shabbat. I am very new to Wellington..


Fellowship Name: NAZARENES OF AUCKLAND Congregation.

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Kishyahu

Phone: 02102257528

Address: Manurewa- Clendon, Auckland, New Zealand

Other Information: We are a small congregation of NAZARENES and blending of different nationalities. We meet on every Shabbat at Manurewa from 10.30am till sunset. We believe in ABBA YAHUAH/YAHUSHA-HA MOSHAIC and live in Halachot of TORAH. Brother MATHEW is our Leader and Torah Teacher. We believe Abba YAHUAH/YAHUSHA-Ha Moshiac is gathering the house of Yahudah and house of Isreal. We follow the commandment of Abba YAHUAH/YAHUSHA-Ha Moshiac and Love NAZARENE brothers and sisters. We enjoy all Feasts of YAHUAH as mentioned in Torah. Abba YAHUAH is calling His people (Ephraimites) out from Greco-Roman life style of Churches. We look forward to meet and fellowship with lost sheep of Israel.

Fellowship Name: Yahwehs Covenant Fellowship

Email Address: 
Click here to send email

Contact Person: Jeff Coley

Phone: 027-4516634

Address: 7 Jackson Street, Masterton 5810 New Zealand

Meeting Times: Saturday 2pm

Meeting Place: 7 Jackson Street, Masterton 5810 New Zealand

Other Information: We are a small house fellowship that meet to highlight Yahweh's Torah and the love of Mashiyach. We welcome all people who desire to grow a relationship with our Abba and His Son. Our endeavour is to share truth and uplifting with all who come through our doors.
Yahweh's name has become a beacon and a light that is drawing in all those who have a real love of truth and righteousness.
The centre is open Monday to Friday (most times when Heather and I are not away)1.30 to 4.30 pm. Sabbath assembly is at 2.00pm until when everyone leaves. Heather and I are not always at the centre due to the fact we also do a ministry tour as often as we can of areas in New Zealand.
If you would like us to visit , please drop us a Email or phone us on 027-4516634. We would love to meet you and share the hope of Yahweh.


Name (Individual): JC Humble

Email Address: Click here to send email

Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.

Other Information: Shaluwm to all followers of YaHuWaH the true Aluahym and his Ben YaHuWsHua Ha Mashiyach. Im a Polynesian descendant from the Naphtali tribe. I live in Lower Hutt Wellington and have been looking for others in NZ to connect with. I do not use words that are pagan or practice the traditions of men. I'm very aware of the many deceptions going on in the world, foods, water, pharmaceuticals, the media, entertainment industry, babylonian cults, the world government agenda..etc. Please if you are out there contact my email or search me on Facebook "YaHuWaH Aotearoa NZ". Personally I struggle with sin, in my awake life and even in my sleep, a wretched man always begging YaHuWaH for mercy, he is the strength I so desperately rely on. Blessings.


Name (Individual): Shalom Ben Yosef

Email Address: Click here to send email


Address: M
anukau Auckland New Zealand

Other Information: I am a Nostri of the Essenic tradition and a Hebrew teacher. I would like to offer my help to any person here in Auckland who is interested in learning Torah and Hebrew as well as Jewish customs and traditions. I work alone and I am not a member of any Hebrew congregation, although I do sometimes attend Shul on the Shabbat with my Jewish brothers. Yi shi Koach.


Name (Individual): Sharlane Mundt

Email Address: Click here to send email

0204 028 3824

95 Cracroft Street, Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand

Other Information: I am learning through Ruach HaKodesh. Our family is learning how to observe Torah, Shabbat and the feasts. We worship at home and would love to get to learn more and meet people who believe as we do.


Name (Individual): Dani Billng

Email Address: Click here to send email

0278602967 06)7514337

Spotswood, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Other Information: Would really love to meet other people following the WHOLE Word of Yah.
I have been keeping Torah for a little over a year by myself and would really appreciate contact with other like-minded believers.


Name (Individual): Adva Hayam-Jonas

Email Address: Click here to send email


North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand

Other Information: Would be happy to teach Hebrew which is my first language.


Name (Individual): Mike and Helen Sheat

Email Address: Click here to send email

03 548 0988 - 027 2616 192

16 Parere Street, Nelson South, Nelson, NZ 7010

Other Information: Helen and I have been walking out our Torah life now for the last 15 years or so. We have a long way to go, but the more we Study Torah and the whole of scripture we are finding our understanding of Abba Yahweh deepening. We rely very much on Torah, Yeshua haMashiach and Reach haKodesh to bring us closer to Abba Yahweh. Helen and I have been hosting Israeli's for 15 years also and we bless Yisrae'El. You are welcome to come a visit and Break Bread together with us, maybe stay a night or so. By the way we are not perfect. 1 Yochanon 1 v 4 - 10. Mike.



Name (Individual): Matt and Beckie Carter

Email Address: Click here to send email


Christchurch New Zealand

Other Information: We are a family who love Yahweh and seek to live following his ways and live to be imitators of Yeshua


Fellowship Name: Ron & Gael

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person:
Ron & Gael Olsen

09 4076493

Waipapa, Northland, New Zealand

Meeting Times:
2 pm start time every Sabbath at our home

Meeting Place:
223 Pungaere Road, off main road north at Waipapa, Northland

Other Information: We are a small home group who love to study and discuss the Torah, Nebi'im [Prophets], Kethubim [Writings]and the Brit Hadashah. We believe in our Hebrew Roots and are grafted in through our belief in Yeshua HaMashiach to the House of Israel according to Romans chapter 11. If interested to meet with us we would love to hear from you..

Updated: 1/7/18


Fellowship Name: Talmidei Yeshua Messianic Ministry of New Zealand

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person:
Graeme Purdie

021 2833054

Address: P
O Box 512 Hastings 4122 NZ

Meeting Times:
10:30 a.m.


Other Information: Talmidei Yeshua Messianic Ministry of New Zealand began in 2003 with the formation of a Kehilah ( Congregation) in Auckland for Jewish and grafted-in Gentile Talmidim (disciples) of Yeshua. As Talmidim of Yeshua, we are committed to study the Tanakh and the Brit Hadashah through Hebraic eyes and to live out Torah as taught by Yeshua and his emissaries. We believe that only the complete Scriptural message from an Hebraic Perspective, reveals the Sovereign plan of YHVH Elohim ( YHVH our God) and paves the way for a deeper understanding of Yeshua's first coming, his imminent return and how he will complete his work after his return.

Talmidei Yeshua Messianic Ministry of New Zealand, is registered as a Charitable Trust and has an oversight board. A second Congregation is presently being developed in Hawkes Bay New Zealand. Further information is available on our website. Please refer to our web page for our Services venues and times for Talmidei Yeshua Auckland Kehilah (Congregation) and also for Talmidei Yeshua Hawkes Bay Kehilah


Name (Individual): Roger Lang

Email Address: Click here to send email


79/305 Evans Bay Parade, Hataitai, 6021 New Zealand

Other Information: We run Bet Tikkun: The House of Restoration in Wellington, New Zealand. We are found at or . Shalom!



Name (Individual): Lilian Sevillano

Email Address: Click here to send email

09 414 7252

30 Villanova Pl.,Northwood, Albany 0632 , Auckland New Zealand

Other Information: No practices, no affiliations. Want to know the teachings in Torah.


Fellowship Name: Torah Way Truth Life Yachad

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person:
Darren Popata

Meeting Times:
12pm Every Shabbat


Name (Individual): Melody Woodward

Phone: 078495521

Address: 56 Morrow Ave St Andrews Hamilton 3200

Other Information: We are involved with Saturday Christian fellowship. Believe in Feasts of Yahweh as in Leviticus. Keep Shabbat and learning more ... always love to meet others who recognize importance of Hebrew roots of faith in Yeshua.


Fellowship Name: Wilson Family

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Jillian Wilson

Phone: 021 0237 1151

Address: Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand

Meeting Times: New Moon Celebrations Only

Meeting Place: Please phone or text for the address


Other Information: Our family hosts a shared meal and informal fellowship for Rosh Hodesh (start of the lunar month). Send me a facebook friend request: Jillian Howie Wilson, or check the website.


Fellowship Name: TORAH Ministries New Zealand

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Reuben Tuimaseve

Phone: 021 0824 2461

Address: 49A Halver Road, Manurewa. Auckland N.Z

Meeting Times: 11:30AM

Meeting Place: 49A Halver Road Manurewa, Auckland.

Other Information: Turning away from the 'traditions of man' that's been taught as 'doctrines' through generations to the present age, to upholding the fullness of YAHWEH's Word that contains His Torah=commandments, instructions and teachings which He laid out to observe and obey as fruit of love for Him, while saved by grace through faith in Yahshua Messiah.
[We fellowship every day 7 of the week]


Fellowship Name: SHeMO YSHRAL Fellowship

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Ronn

Phone: 0273599536

Address: East Auckland

Meeting Times: 11.00am

Meeting Place: Botany Downs, Auckland

Other Information: Shalum - We believe that the Torah is the foundation of the entire scripture. (both Old and New Testament). We believe the Law is still applicable today, (Matt 5:17-19) but not for the purpose of gaining salvation. For YAHUSHO fulfilled ALL, being the perfect sacrifice stated in the book of Leviticus.
We have kahoots for our young ones - questions relating to the torah portion of that week. They operate thru their own iphones which is connected online onto the big screen. Then we have lunch (kosher food), and finally, we have discussion and teachings based on the reading of the day. We are open to any Torah minded believers or anyone coming out of the woman (babylon.)


Name (Individual): Michael H Smit

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 03 313 2468 022 321 2468

Address: Rangiora 7400 New Zealand.

Other Information: Greetings in Yahshua's name. I have been a follower of Yahshua for 44 years now. I have a strong motivation to know and walk in the truth; keeping the commandments of YHWH and possessing the witness of Yahshua the Messiah. Any other truth seekers out there are welcome to contact me for studying His word,prayer, thanks-giving, fellowship and encouraging each other in being overcomers in these end times.


Name (Individual): Gary and Simone

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 021754050

Address: 20 Cromdale Avenue Highland Park, Auckland, New Zealand

Other Information: Family of 6, newly Torah observant and would love to fellowship with others.


Fellowship Name: Tzion House Fellowship.

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Rabbi Yosef Ben Hur

Phone: 640272495983

Address: 135 Bath Street, Levin. 5510. New Zealand

Meeting Times: 5:30 pm every Friday Shabbat

Meeting Place: 135 Bath Street, Levin

Other Information: My wife and I started Tzion House Fellowship in 2016 under the leading of Ruach HaKodesh.
We are a Torah observant Messianic Fellowship who love Yeshua Messiah HaMashiac.
We start with a bring and share Shabbat meal & fellowship, followed by Worship, and sharing of Torah/B'rit Hadachah readings.
We observe Torah as Hashem's teachings/instructions for daily living. Also observing the Moedim as according to Lev; 23.
As with my wife Karen, my ancestry is Hebrew, of the Tribe of Benjamin, on my mother's side. My father was also of Jewish ancestry.


Name (Individual): Catherine

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Brightwater, Nelson, New Zealand

Other Information: I believe Yahoshua ha'Mashiach is the Ben of YHWH and everything about Him is found in the Torah and the Nevi'im as scripture says. Looking to continue to learn more.

Listed: 21/2/2017


Name (Individual): Mary Raponi - The Wall of Jericho Researchers & Scholars Ministry

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0274813215

Address: Okere Falls Rotorua

Other Information: Shalom! Shalom! Blessings to you all, I am starting a Messianic Maori study group via teachers from around the world who provide in-depth Torah studies. I also keep Sabbath Saturday...
Being a student I am open hearted and teachable and respect all testimonies of Messiah Yeoshua (Yahushua) I have been called by the Ruach to open my heart and home for those that wish to drink from the living well of our Messiah.....
This is a worship and fellowship time for Yahweh. Bring along an Shabbat meal, song to teach whatever you believe the Ruach is calling you to offer

Updated: 5/4/2017


Name (Individual): Carolyn McLean

Email Address: Click here to send email

Address: Hamilton 3288, New Zealand

Other Information: Torah observant family of six would like to meet with other like-minded people in Hamilton. We keep YHWH's moedim as commanded and we would love to fellowship with others in a kehillah setting. Our children also need friends that relate to this all-encompassing aspect of their lives, which the world so readily dismisses and rejects.
Perhaps a Torah observant kehillah needs to again be started in this city?
If you feel lead by the Ruach Ha Kodesh, please email.



Name (Individual): Tony Sears

Phone: 0274767724

Address: 41 ngatai st manaia 2167

Other Information: We believe and do Torah, love the Hebrew understanding of scripture. Yahshua is Humasheark and YaHWeH our Elohim. I believe we are Israel thru an understanding of our Hebrew roots. Would love to study, talk and fellowship with like minded believers.



Name (Individual): Francis Abodah

Email Address: Click here to send email

Phone: 0220 437 527

Address: Rotorua Bay of Plenty New Zealand 3015

Other Information: Shalom fellow travellers. I believe in Yahuvah Elohim; Abiyahu (Father), His only brought forth Son, Yahushua ha Mashiach; Torah, Nebi'im Kethubim Aleph and Bet and have a travelling ministry, fully relying upon Ruach ha Qodesh for leading in all truth and discernment. Travelling along, is my loyal canine companion Jack Russell, he is an integral part of my life on the road, was gifted to me by Ruach ha Qodesh. Such a blessing.  Time is very short, my friends, the second beast of Hazon (Revelation) 13:11) is speaking like a dragon. (Romiyim 10:13, Yo'el 2:32. ) Looking forward to contact from fellow believers. The Scripture Book used in this ministry is 'The Scriptures I S R' which proclaims the translation of the True and Original Tanakh and Renewed Covenant of Yahuwah's people, so as to be 'on the same page' in study and not mention the name of any other mighty ones, as clearly stated in Shemoth 23:13. Yahuwah's Word has been corrupted somewhat in these last days by many and that also
may lead the preaching of other doctrines, e.g. regarding The Torah in Shemoth 20 and many others.

Updated: 22/7/18


Fellowship Name: Steven & Melissa

Email Address: Click here to send email

Contact Person: Melissa

Phone: 0221891060

Address: Oakura, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

Meeting Times: To be arranged

Meeting Place: To be arranged

Other Information: We are looking for fellowship in New Plymouth. We are new to Torah and would love to join a fellowship or meet like minded people who follow Torah.





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